BenTedesco is an award-winning director who has found a home behind the cameracreating visually inspiring images and bringing emotional storytelling to thescreen. Ben has worked with top-tier brands such as Chevrolet, Dodge, Guinness,Heidi Klum Intimates, and Purina. His work has been honored at Cannes LionsAdvertising Festival and featured in Shoot Magazine’s exclusive New DirectorsShowcase.

Inaddition to his commercial career, In 2017 Ben wrote and directed a short filmabout minimalism, theory and time-travel called, The Constant. The Constant,was a Film Shortage Daily Short Pick and garnered mainstream media attention. In2018, after beingfeatured in the trailer for the much-anticipated Disney live action film, TheNutcracker and the Four RealmsBen directed New York-based artist, Brix’s music video for her cover of No Doubt’s“Just a Girl.” Ben collaboratedwith Brix (Sophie Dupin) to create a beautiful film aimed at empowering youngwomen and inspiring a movement of positive change.

Having worked almost every position in the commercialproduction industry - from a production assistant to production supervisor, anddirector of photography to writer/director, Ben is a unique hybrid in theindustry. His breadth of knowledge, experience and driven spirit has led him tocreate compelling films since the age of 18. While Ben loves traveling and theculture and amazing food that comes with it, he currently resides in SantaMonica, California and can often be found enjoying live jazz, reading comics,scuba diving or in the kitchen acting out his fantasy of becoming the next IronChef. 

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